The naked truth about corrupt lawyer Cecil Miller

There are serious lawyers in Kenya, and then there are crooks. Cecil Guyana Miller is a crook. We will expose the man for the crook he is in a five part series that we will publish starting Sunday night. Miller who operates one of the biggest law firms in Kenya has over and over again proven that ethics doesn’t matter when it comes to winning cases. This website has received damning evidence that we will publish for the next one week to expose this conman who pretends to be a lawyer.

1. The billionaire, who got his wealth through corrupt dealings and inheritance from his father who was at one time the chief justice of Kenya, is a serial philanderer whose appetite for skirts knows no bounds. We shall give details of the mans skirt chasing ways and mention names and faces of his wide array of women.

2. We will expose Cecil Millers role in the looting and eventual collapse of Chase Bank, and how he used legal ways including bribery, to ensure looters of Chase Bank were never arrested or prosecuted.

3. We will expose Millers role in the near collapse of Family Bank and how he was instrumental in cooking books for the bank that nearly collapsed two years ago. Any bank he touches, usually ends up having liquidity problems because he has a specialised in looting of banks.

4. We will expose the role Miller and his mother Christine Nyaguthi Miller played in the looting of billions from the government in the Ruaraka Land scam. We shall also expose how she uses her series of pubs and restaurants to launder money from her sons law firms and its dirty clients.If you eat or drink at Saape, just know that you are supporting the people who loots your country.

5. In part five, we will expose the tumultuous love life of Cecil Miller and his affair with employees, clients and other peoples wives.

6. Miller’s role in the 40 billion tax evasion linking Humphrey Kariuki and the millions he makes doing shady work including bribery and threats to judges for Mike Sonko, a man who they drink and have orgies together. More details to follow. By the time we shall have finished exposing Miller, no sane company would seek legal services from him. Brace yourselves, a tsunami is coming.

7. Miller shady past. Is he Christine Millers real son? Who was Christine to the former Chief Justice Miller? How is Miller actually related to the former Chief Justice? We shall answer those burning questions.

His ‘father’ Chief Justice, the late Cecil Henry Ethelwood Miller Sr, served from 1986 to 1989.

The native of British Guyana came here at the invitation of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, then Kenya’s Prime Minister, in 1964.

Kenyatta awarded Miller the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) in 1970, while retired President Daniel arap Moi appointed him judge of the Court of Appeal in 1978.

He became famous for chairing the Judicial Commission of Inquiry on former Attorney General Charles Njonjo in 1983.

He died on September 4, 1989 and was buried at his Moi’s bridge farm, l;eaving behind beach front properties running into hundreds of millions that he had grabbed, and are now inherited by his ‘son’ Cecil Miller.

His ‘mother’ Christine contested for the MP position for Githunguri constituency in 2007 under the PNU umbrella but lost. During this period, she also founded the Kibaki Tena Lobby Group that was instrumental in the presidential campaigns. In 1992, she again contested during a by-election on a FORD ASILI party ticket and lost to Hon. Njehu Gatabaki. She has her own skeletons which we will expose after finishing with Millers.

And what was the exact reason the The Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution  picked Cecil Miller as chairman of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission and the reasons he never got the job.
More about the senior Miller.

I know it is not fair to judge people by the actions or in-actions of their parents but Cecil Miller senior, this guys father was a mess as our country’s Chief Justice. Actually to call him Chief Justice is wrong. He was Moi’s personal employee running the justice system. He was a disaster and some people say he ended up insane or may be he was insane from the beginning. I can only use the words of a US congressman I heard recently to describe this man. “He wouldn’t find his butt with his two hands if the lights were on”.

Cecil Miller bullied judges like a drunk headmaster in a village school. He grabbed cases from judges whenever instructed by Moi. The most known was that of Justice Derek Schofield who angered Moi with the way he was handling a case of Mr. Stephen Mbaraka Karanja who was killed by cops. Justice Schofield was forced to quit office when Miller grabbed the case from him. It was one of the worst miscarriages of justice in the history of the land. This was going to be a precedent setter in cases against police brutality in Kenya and Moi had to kill it by all means. He did with Miller’s help.

Cecil Miller senior is also celebrated among the human rights abusers in Kenya for a ruling he made before becoming a Chief Justice when he barred Kamau Kuria from appealing a case on abuse of his rights as a Kenyan citizen. Miller ruled victims of human rights abuses have no such rights. That nonsense is now in the books as a precedent. Yet another miscarriage of justice we can attribute to Miller.

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